business navigator

Our Business Navigator combines all ERP PRIMAVERA real-time business data into a single mobile application. The Business Navigator solution provides information that feeds into a complete overview of a business, aiding decision making due to itintuitive, simple, agile natureThe app even allows for processes to be created and approvedgiving organisations a competitive advantage, increasing productivity and reducing costs. 

Business Navigator gives companies access to logistical, commercial and financial processes: information related to suppliers, clients, inventory, purchases, sales, current accounts, cash-flow and internal systems.


Simplify processes and increase productivity

INSC-developed HDesk is a tool that allows companies to plan, monitor and schedule projects and tasks to improve business results and team performance. HDesk is even able to manage an entire incident resolution workflow, from creating an incident to billing or contract deductions. The entire process is carried out digitally, maximising the allocation of technical resources for incident resolutions. 

Designed for service providers that need to manage events, incidents and projects, HDesk provides a corporate environment that maximises intra- and inter-team integration. HDesk allows for constant interactions in real time among all stakeholders in the processfrom customers and suppliers to technicians.

wedo logistics

The WeDo Logistics solution streamlines the logistics processes businesses use to receive, collect and inventorise stock, in real time and on an ERP-integrated platform adapted to their businesses needs. The competitive advantage lies in reduced reception and shipping errors, reduced stock count failures and the increased agility of both client and supplier order processing.

WeDo Logistics allows for inventories to be carried out while the company is operating normally, and for automatic adjustments to be made of inventorised and moved stock, when an inventory is closed.

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